Aurora Arnstad (1997) is a Norwegian based freelance dancer, dance teacher and choreographer

«I'll dance naked for the moon, to the symphonies the wind whispers in my ear»

Aurora's journey to become a dancer started when she was only three years old. The first time she put on a pair of ballet shoes and her dance teacher told her to dance like a butterfly she fell in love with the Art of Dancing. She had met her first love, that she knew she could not live without. How the mind & body felt calm when she moved became addictive, and since then she could not go a day without moving.

A lot of Aurora's creative inspiration comes from poems & poetry, the nature & her own mental health issues. As a composer she love to use improvisation as a method to find movements, find different rooms and experience how the room affects the movements (site specific) and use different complimenting expressions such as objects, text and voice.

Most of her dancing background comes from ballet, jazz, modern & contemporary dance. 

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