Can we create airspace? /

Dancers & Choreographers: Aurora Arnstad, Emma Dewita & Stine Haug Gjestvang

Text: Emma Dewita 

October 15 2020, Rom for Dans, Oslo

Photo in courtesy of Maria Plener


What is airspace?

Can we experience airspace through movement?

Can we create  airspace?

Luftrom (eng: Airspace) is a trio performed and choreographed by Aurora Hallgeirsdatter Arnstad, Stine Haug Gjestvang & Emma Öberg. Creating the piece, they were inspired by how the air feels against the body and how the three of them could move in a space we rarely notice. By exploring how air can initiate movement, they appeal to the senses as they are unbound by gravity and floating in space. The audience experiences the piece lying down, looking up into space. As the dancers move over, around and inbetween the bodies the focus shifts to your own senses, perception and perspective. No experience is the same.

The piece is based on a project where the room was supposed to be a catalyst for movement. 
If you want to watch the art piece you can click
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