Confinement / restraint / loneliness / unity /

Choreographer & Producer: Anne Halonen

Dancers & Co-ceative Choreographers: Aurora Arnstad, Emma Dewita, Stine Haug Gjestvang, Maria Plener, Emilie Østby & Amalie Beate Myhre

June 20 2021, Vanvikan samfunnshus, Trøndelag

Photos in Courtesy of Anne Halonen

Text: Anne Halonen

Light: Geir Marvin Johansen


What happens when life gets put on hold?

An exploration of feelings and reactions when life puts you in a situation where you have to pause and wait for everything to start again. 

Confinement, restraint, loneliness and unity.

På Vent (eng: On Hold) is choreographed by Anne Halonen for Summer Dance Festival 2021  (Dance Festival for Children).

It premiered June 20 2021 at Vanvikan Samfunnshus in Trøndelag. The performance is 45-60 minutes long, and is performed by five dancers. If you want to learn more about Summer Dance Festival and the performance itself click here >

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