I know you, but you are unfamiliar /

Dancer & Choreographer: Aurora Arnstad

Text: Aurora Arnstad

June 3-4 2020, Rom for Dans, Oslo

June 5 2020, Livestream

Photos in courtesy by Emma Dewita & Amalie Beate Myhre


I know you, but you are unfamiliar
We were almost close one time, but gravity pulled us back to each of our sides
Everything between us disappeared and became silent

Still, you and I are like two drops of water
I like it, but I don't like it
I think I need to decide soon
If it is me and you or you and me

Polar is Aurora's First Year Exam at The University College of Dance Arts. 
The inspiration for this Choreography came from Aurora's own experiences from being mentally ill and having a diagnosis. Having a diagnosis can be difficult to live with, but some day you have to choose if the diagnosis is going to define you, or if you are going to define the diagnosis. What Aurora is trying to show in the performance is her picking the last option. 
The way her emotions shift from being positive to negative in a few seconds, the feeling of being unstable and having no control was translated to movements. The contrast between fast and slow collaborates to translate the feelings and emotions that explodes inside the body. Movements is based from improvisation, but placed in different geometric figures or places with a certain time in the room. 
The voice is used as complimenting expression, so while she dances she sings a song she made herself by copy/pasting different sentences from different songs, that felt meaningful for her.
If you want to see the performance of this Choreography you can click
here >
You can also watch improvisations from early on in the process here > and here >

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